I have been a fan of peanut butter and banana for a really long time. PBB on toast is my go to comfort meal. It fills you up when you are hungry and when paired with a strong cuppa tea soothes your muddled head. It is a wonder that I never thought of putting the 2 together in a fantastic frozen frenzy until I saw this recipe.

Living in Australia where bananas ripen faster than you can sneeze, I always have a few frozen for future baking or smoothies, so I dug them out of the far reaches of the freezer,  grabbed my trusty jar of PB and dragged out the food processor.

“Easy as” thought I throwing in the nuggets of banana and carefully dolloping PB over them, “I’ve done bananas like this many times with a dash of Baileys for dessert “ .  I flipped the switch with confidence and watched as it started to come together is a beautiful beige swirl of yumminess………then the processor started to whine and wheeze and cough and spluttered to a halt. I flicked the switch a couple of times with no result – I had fried the motor! In defence of the food, it was a second hand processor from my MIL and I had been hoping it would cark it soon so I could invest in a you-beaut new one, but how was this helping me now? I had a half blended blobby beige mess  that was melting fast in the afternoon heat!

Out comes the (relatively new) blender, scoop, pour, spatula from one appliance to the other and away I went! Pulsing and whirring, whirring and pulsing till it was wonderfully smooth.

As I was giving it that last little pulse for good luck I noticed there was a melty sticky line around the bottom of the jug  =O

I said to myself “Self, you must keep calm. You must transfer this tasty treat to a container, thence to the freezer before you have a hissy fit” So I followed my advice and once the velvety smooth mixture was in the freezer , I inspected the blender.

Seems my wonderful Beardy One had ignored my banshee nagging when putting away the dishes and not put the rubber seal between the glass jug and the metal blade! (Cue more banshee nagging).

*cut to 1 hr later* (No, I didn’t rant that entire time)   I kept opening the freezer to poke the ice-cream to see if it was hard enough. Eventually I gave up poking, decided it was refrozen enough for the moment and dished some up so I could have a photo for this post as I forgot to take them in the creation chaos.  So here it is – Cool Comfort:


This recipe is so easy (when your appliances don’t crap out on you) and so yummy.  It does make a small quantity, but is quite rich, so just a little bit is enough.  I think you could get 4 little serves or 2 mega serves out of it.  The variations are numerous – I have previously done berries with banana but you could add chocolate or Nutella or maple syrup…mmmmmmmmm. Let your tase buds run wild!


Tablet – a uniquely Scottish confection from as early as the 18th Century (seemingly) that is often confused with Fudge.

It’s quite different. From the recipe, to the taste and mouth feel – it’s nae the same; and growing up, I was under the impression that Fudge was English, and Tablet was Scottish.

Tablet has been a daunting recipe for me. The liquid hot lava of molten sugar, ready and waiting to burn my delicate skin and eyeballs; the rapid beating for 6 hours until the mixture is cooled.

No ta.

I tried making it once, back in the day, and I failed. I made sludge. Differing opinions from the parental unit were that I didn’t beat it enough at the end, or I didn’t boil it enough. Funny that… I failed at both parts that I was nervous about.

Here is a traditional Scottish Tablet recipe…. CLICK ME!!!

See where she mentions both the boiling, and the vigorous beating?


…. so… meanwhile, in internetland, some 10 years later – I fell upon THIS recipe.
I was involved in a Swap on Ravelry, and my spoilee said she liked fudge – I thought I should make her some, and this recipe looked like the bees’ knees. Just the ticket.

I went home, and I whipped up a batch with condensed milk (because I didn’t have cream).

It cooled, I cut it up….

… this isn’t FUDGE!!!!!


(almost, I’d say 95% – so I dubbed it FABLET!!!! as per my mate Si’s idea)

… and then I realised. The recipe called for condensed milk *OR* heavy cream. DUH!!!!! Condensed milk makes tablet; cream makes fudge. How could I forget such a rudimentary fact?!?!?!!


Anyhoo…. tomato:tomato – Husband tried it….

… noms ensued.

I brought a tub of it into work…. MANY noms were heard.

And if any one is curious…

This is what 2 kilos of sugar, quarter of a kilo of butter, and 250ml of milk looks like when boiling….

 2012-12-12 16.38.24

… and here’s what the end result looks like:

2012-12-12 17.50.40


Here is the recipe of less boiling and no beating:

** I wouldn’t/don’t add the vanilla essence for Tablet.

Vanilla fudge recipe with condensed milk or double cream.

  • 225ml Milk
  • 1kg Sugar
  • 125g Butter
  • 350ml Condensed Milk/Double Cream
  • 1 Teaspoon vanilla essence

  1. Place the milk, sugar and butter into a saucepan
  2. Boil the ingredients for about 10 minutes on a high heat, stir the mixture continuously to avoid scorching
  3. Add to the mixture the condensed milk/double cream, still stirring continuousl
  4. You can stop stirring and boiling once the mixture begins to obtain a light brown colour and begins to thicken on the side of the saucepan
  5. To test if the mixture is ready there is a simple test. Scoop a teaspoon of the mixture and drop it into a cold glass of water. If the mixture is ready to become fudge it will form a soft ball, if it does not then you can continue to cook the fudge for a further couple of minutes
  6. Add vanilla essence* once the fudge is cooked
  7. Once the fudge is cooked grease a shallow baking pan and pour the mixture into it
  8. Leave the fudge to set or pop it in the fridge
  9. Once set the fudge is ready to cut into squares and eat

** Also… I still don’t “get” the soft-ball test, I just drop a peice in the cold water, and then eat it 😛
I let my tastebuds tastify as to it’s cookedness.

… “not quite frosting, not quite fudge”. 


I’d recently tried a fudge recipe, that called for either “whipping cream or condensed milk”. 

My mum is a long time tablet maker, I know that those ingredients define tablet from fudge. 

I like tablet, I’m “meh” for fudge. 

So I made it, and I brought it into work. People asked what it was, and I explained “FABLET” – not-quite-tablet-not-quite-fudge.
it was a huge success, but we’ll come back to that another day. 

…. ~~~~ fastforwardoneweek

… and I’ve found the “34 awesome foods from 2 ingredients” post. 
I show it to a colleague, and I realise, I have both frosting and chocolate chips in the house. 
I can try the “Two Ingredient Fudge” recipe – HOORAH!!!!!

At home, I attempted it. 

Shall I mention the billowing clouds of black smoke from my microwave? Mebbe later. But let’s just say, that this old school gal? Is going to stick to a double boiler when melting chocolate drops. 

Now… I had vanilla frosting, and semi-sweet chocolate chips, and the end result was OK. 
Fudge can be many flavours – so I didn’t see why the flavours I had at hand would affect the end result other than the… well… heheh… flavour.

I was looking for a fudge like texture. Melty, yet a slight chew, but not toffee or caramel – nonononononononononono. 

I did as the recipe said, I melted the chips, and whipped them into the frosting, I slammed it into the fridge. 

For all intents and purposes, it kinda looked like fudge, but really, it just tasted and had the mouth appeal of … well… hard chocolatey frosting. No chew. No velvety meltiness. Just,hard, chocolatey frosting. 

I asked the Balding One if he wanted me to spare some for home before I took some into the office. He declined. 
I emptied the tin into a container and brought it into work. 
This time, I advertised my treat as “FRODGE!!!! Not-quite-frosting-not-quite-fudge”. 

… and it wasn’t such as large a hit as the FABLET. 

… there were 2 peices left at the end of the day, when the FABLET disappeared in MINUTES. 

It seemed to be that you either loved it or hated it. 


FRODGE – Frosting and melted chocolate chips.


… was from Buzzfeed.

It mentioned 34 awesome foods that could be made with only 2 ingredients.
Oh yah?


Challenge accepted!!! 😉
The link was shared on Facebook, and the challenge widened – and accepted across oceans.

There was some counter arguments from friends who knew of their own 2 ingredient foods… and so the idea for this blog was borne. To collaborate and share ideas… uniting one gaggle of people under one love – NOMS.






This is (hopefully) going to be a collaborative blog between friends.
Friends who enjoy food, and experimenting with it.
Sharing tips and tricks.
None of us are chefs, or badge-wearing foodies, we just like to play with food.