If you’re anything like me then you usually have an overripe avocado knocking about the fridge (yes, fridge.  This is Australia – you CANNOT leave food on the bench) because those bastards ripen the minute you walk out the room!  Because of this, I’m always on the look out for new ways to avos and let’s face it, there are only so many variations of guacamole and face masks you can make.

I’m usually into all things baked and am always looking for something a little healthier, so thanks to the interwebs I found a recipe for Avocado Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies where the avocado is a butter substitute.  It uses things I always have a supply of, so I lined up my ingredients and  said “let’s give it a whorl”.


I’ve got to admit, creaming the avocado and sugar did not look pretty at all.


And I’m sorry, but despite their gooey carameliness, dates just look like chopped cockroaches.


I have to warn you guys, this is a really dense mix.  REALLY dense.  I could stand my spoon up – look:


You really get a workout mixing this.  I considered using the electric mixer but was quite concerned I’d blow the motor.

The recipe is quite specific about 1/4 cup measure, 2 inches apart when baking, but I really couldn’t be bothered being that specific, so I plonked 12 blobs evenly spaced over 2 trays.  They smelled really good baking and I was surprised how they came out – they look a little like the rock cakes my Nan used to make and were surprisingly light.  I really thought the dense batter would produce hard lumps not the slightly crispy outer, lightly soft inner lumps of yumminess that came out of the oven!


Now I find that by themselves they are quite bland – a bit like scones.  So I added some golden syrup and found them more palatable.


The big test was seeing if the Husbeast would like them.  He is not really into trying new things and gawd forbid it be a green thing!  Thankfully these only have the slightest tinge of green and he did scoff 3 in a row and proclaimed “Yeah, they’re all right Babe” so I would say they passed.

They also freeze quite well once cooled in snaplock bags.  I reheated one the next day and it kept it’s fresh baked scone like feel/taste.  Husbeast took some to work.  He let them slowly defrost and said they tasted just as good cold.

Overall I was surprised at how well these turned out.  Sure, it’s not the prettiest of baking and I don’t know if we’d have them for breakfast but they make a great snack with a cup of tea and they will definitely be a freezer/lunchbox staple from now  on.