… in more ways than one.

The kidlet and I had an hour to spare before starting supper – and there was a bag of chocolate chips in the cupboard – SCREAMING at me.

So, I did what any responsible human would do.

I made Krispie Cakes.

… and as I made them, it occurred to me that these beauties MUST be the original 2 ingredient treat.
But they’re not on the list?!?!

HA! They should be.

So simple:
1. Set child the task of adding a cupcake liner to each pocket of the baking tray while you…
2. Melt chocolate in double boiler
3. Add puffed rice or cornflakes to the melted chocolate
4. Spoon into cupcake liners
5. Set them in fridge until after supper.

AWESOME!!! And a taste from my childhood. One of my most favourite treats.

Now, the Kidlet and I were not content with just rice krispies… noonononononononononononono….

… so I suggested Cheerios – she agreed

… she suggested leftover gingerbread house candy – I agreed

… I suggested raisins – she declined

… she suggested mini-marshmallows – I agreed, and called time.

So although our finished product didn’t have 2 ingredients at the end of the process – it DID start with those intentions.


I have also tried making these with a little golden syrup – for a stickier consistency, but they’re not as good. I like the chocolate and krispies/cornflakes.

Pics to follow.

But here are some stock ones to drool over:

Ricekrispie Cake: