Holy moly this was bad! Much like the EggNog Muffins, it seemed simple right? 2 cups ice cream to 2 cups flour –  Ice cream after all is basically eggs, sugar and milk – the basics for a cake anyway, what could go wrong right?  Oh, how misguided was my optimism.

Having just got through Christmas, we had some ice cream left over that tasted like a jelly tip ice cream – yummy right? – but there was no way we were going to eat it all before it be came all icy and yuck.

It said to leave the ice cream to soften before attempting to mix in the flour, and this being Australia and the middle of summer it didn’t take long.


Looks good so far.

Wrestling it into a lined baking tin was interesting, but it was managed and it looked like a pink brick. “Oh this will be yummy and the girls at work will have a lovely morning tea” thought I.

Oh how deluded was I.  It came out looking like a khaki brick.  It did not rise. “Okay, perhaps it will be more like an ice cream slice.  The recipe doesn’t say to ice it so just try a bit, it looks moist enough” said the Bearded voice of reason.


He was right, it did look ok on the inside – see all those lovely melted chocolate chips?  HE WAS WRONG!! Oh so wrong!  It had less taste than cardboard and the texture was more that of kitty litter. It was horrid.  There was no way I was going to serve this to my co-workers – even if I iced it and only served it to those to peeved me during the day as some kind of sick antireward system! No, no, no!

How can something which tastes so yummy when frozen become so cruddy when cooked?  Perhaps it was the fact that the ice cream was not the gourmet stuff that it came out so bad, but why would you have 2 cups of the good stuff just lying around? That stuff only comes in 2 cup tubs anyway!  I thought this was like an imaginative pantry buster, but I certainly won’t be doing this again.