… Oh, you heard me.


… as per the usual, and the previous entries, we’re working from the 34 two-ingredient recipes.

Seeing as Christmas Eve was heavily upon me, and I had NO COOKIES IN THE HOUSE!!!! (yah, how did THAT happen?!?!?), I thought that it would be peachy-keen of me to suggest that Bean make the Eggnog muffins.


… well.

They *could* taste like dung.

… and they did.

So badly did they taste, that they were unceremoniously binned before any of them could be snapped for the blog. NOT EVEN ON THE SMARTPHONE.

Bean and I carefully measured the required amounts of eggnog and flour, and mixed, and baked. And then Bean and her daddy set-to making the eggnog icing.

The oven beeped, we all looked at the lumps of baked dough and remarked “huh, perhaps they’ll taste of awesome?”. They looked ugly. Like a huge wart, ugly.

We let the “Muffins” cool, and then dribbled on the icing, Hubbie and I took one as a sampler, and shared.

Shared our gag-reflex.

These are NOT good. NOT GOOD. The texture is OK, but the flavour? There is NONE.
The muffins were soft, baked, and a little moist; much like a krueller as the recipe suggested – but there was no flavour, and what was there was oddly metallic and dirty tasting. Imagine if someone made a plain, unflavoured krueller donut, and then left it under the hood of their car and drove for 100 miles, and then ate it.

Being the awesome parents that we are, we made like they were super tasty – and let Bean leave one out for Santa.
Hubbie was even a trooper and ate half of the Santa-Muffin (I got the eggnog and the reindeer carrot)…

… but we will never make these again. Nope. Eggnog be for drinking, yo.

(and we used premium eggnog – not the cheap watery stuff – this was full on creamytasting and awesome ‘nog)