Still following the theme of 2 ingredient recipes, This is a recipe I’ve been wanting to try for a while since the Ying to my Yang likes bread in various forms and loves making his own pizza toppings, but he has aways bought bases or used pita bread. We always have greek yoghurt and self raising flour around so today we experimented.
It came together quite easily to form a sticky dough (a very sticky dough), so I added more flour before kneading – oh make sure you take off your rings BEFORE kneading and also flour your hands a little 😉


So I kneaded and kneaded and was about to form into pizza shape when Ying jumps in with “it looks more like roll dough than pizza, how ’bout we do something like that?”

Under his instruction, I divided the dough into 2, made flatish shapes, added leftover salsa to one before rolling it up and garlic and parmesan to the other before folding it.  On to the baking stone and into the oven with them..

….20 minutes later, they were nicely cooked and quite tasty.


I’m surprised at how well it work, although next time I will mix the salsa/garlic into the mixture rather than just spreading it.  I don’t think we would use it as a pizza dough as it seems a little heavy and more like damper or scone.  I can see the potential in adding flavours – savoury or sweet.  This is a simple recipe and I think that it will be a regular in various forms for my Ying.