Yes!… I think ugly is the right word.

As a mother of two kids who NEVER stop snacking I am always keeping a look out for recipe’s for snacks that are healthy and quick to make.

So when the previously mentioned article started circulating one of the very first recipe’s that caught my eye was the Banana and Flax Seed crackers, I had to try them.

So this morning with the help of my Sous Chef (aged 4) we set about mashing banana’s and mixing flax seeds together, we used 3 today … Miss 4 went to work mashing the banana’s with the potato masher.


And then we added the Flax.


Here is the thing about flax seeds… If you swallow them whole they are of very little nutritional benefit to you as it passes on through mostly undigested. Flax is amazingly healthy stuff packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and a phytoeostragen called Lignans which does all sorts of amazing things for your health. We don’t want to miss out on all that goodness by eating them whole, especially when it comes in the form of something so dang tasty.

SO… I used ground Flax seed meal to make them.. but I really loved the LOOK of them in the original photo all seedy and delicious looking (the ground Flax did not give it that look) . SO that is when i turned our 2 ingredient recipe into a 3 ingredient recipe and added a handful of Chia seeds.

Chia has even more Omega-3 fatty acids than Flax so added into our mix we have a super food for sure and the bonus is we don’t have the same problem eating Chia seeds whole as we do with Flax.

Once all mixed together, I spooned the mix out onto a lined , greased baking tray and tried my best to make them into pretty round medallions… my results were mixed.

I baked them, and found I had better results when I flipped them over mid cooking time, all up they took about 12-15 minutes to be done… the oven was at 350 degrees.

The texture was more cookie like than cracker like I found, but like I said they tasted amazing and my kids loved them, just be careful the amount you eat… we have to remember all the fiber that flax is bringing to the table 😉

I will definitely make them again, they were ugly (at least mine were…) but boy were they tasty. I feel they would be great in kids lunch boxes, on the run as a snack for myself and I even had the idea that I could bake in a shallow pan and once done crumble it up to sprinkle on granola in the mornings,  the options are endless really.