I have been a fan of peanut butter and banana for a really long time. PBB on toast is my go to comfort meal. It fills you up when you are hungry and when paired with a strong cuppa tea soothes your muddled head. It is a wonder that I never thought of putting the 2 together in a fantastic frozen frenzy until I saw this recipe.

Living in Australia where bananas ripen faster than you can sneeze, I always have a few frozen for future baking or smoothies, so I dug them out of the far reaches of the freezer,  grabbed my trusty jar of PB and dragged out the food processor.

“Easy as” thought I throwing in the nuggets of banana and carefully dolloping PB over them, “I’ve done bananas like this many times with a dash of Baileys for dessert “ .  I flipped the switch with confidence and watched as it started to come together is a beautiful beige swirl of yumminess………then the processor started to whine and wheeze and cough and spluttered to a halt. I flicked the switch a couple of times with no result – I had fried the motor! In defence of the food, it was a second hand processor from my MIL and I had been hoping it would cark it soon so I could invest in a you-beaut new one, but how was this helping me now? I had a half blended blobby beige mess  that was melting fast in the afternoon heat!

Out comes the (relatively new) blender, scoop, pour, spatula from one appliance to the other and away I went! Pulsing and whirring, whirring and pulsing till it was wonderfully smooth.

As I was giving it that last little pulse for good luck I noticed there was a melty sticky line around the bottom of the jug  =O

I said to myself “Self, you must keep calm. You must transfer this tasty treat to a container, thence to the freezer before you have a hissy fit” So I followed my advice and once the velvety smooth mixture was in the freezer , I inspected the blender.

Seems my wonderful Beardy One had ignored my banshee nagging when putting away the dishes and not put the rubber seal between the glass jug and the metal blade! (Cue more banshee nagging).

*cut to 1 hr later* (No, I didn’t rant that entire time)   I kept opening the freezer to poke the ice-cream to see if it was hard enough. Eventually I gave up poking, decided it was refrozen enough for the moment and dished some up so I could have a photo for this post as I forgot to take them in the creation chaos.  So here it is – Cool Comfort:


This recipe is so easy (when your appliances don’t crap out on you) and so yummy.  It does make a small quantity, but is quite rich, so just a little bit is enough.  I think you could get 4 little serves or 2 mega serves out of it.  The variations are numerous – I have previously done berries with banana but you could add chocolate or Nutella or maple syrup…mmmmmmmmm. Let your tase buds run wild!