… “not quite frosting, not quite fudge”. 


I’d recently tried a fudge recipe, that called for either “whipping cream or condensed milk”. 

My mum is a long time tablet maker, I know that those ingredients define tablet from fudge. 

I like tablet, I’m “meh” for fudge. 

So I made it, and I brought it into work. People asked what it was, and I explained “FABLET” – not-quite-tablet-not-quite-fudge.
it was a huge success, but we’ll come back to that another day. 

…. ~~~~ fastforwardoneweek

… and I’ve found the “34 awesome foods from 2 ingredients” post. 
I show it to a colleague, and I realise, I have both frosting and chocolate chips in the house. 
I can try the “Two Ingredient Fudge” recipe – HOORAH!!!!!

At home, I attempted it. 

Shall I mention the billowing clouds of black smoke from my microwave? Mebbe later. But let’s just say, that this old school gal? Is going to stick to a double boiler when melting chocolate drops. 

Now… I had vanilla frosting, and semi-sweet chocolate chips, and the end result was OK. 
Fudge can be many flavours – so I didn’t see why the flavours I had at hand would affect the end result other than the… well… heheh… flavour.

I was looking for a fudge like texture. Melty, yet a slight chew, but not toffee or caramel – nonononononononononono. 

I did as the recipe said, I melted the chips, and whipped them into the frosting, I slammed it into the fridge. 

For all intents and purposes, it kinda looked like fudge, but really, it just tasted and had the mouth appeal of … well… hard chocolatey frosting. No chew. No velvety meltiness. Just,hard, chocolatey frosting. 

I asked the Balding One if he wanted me to spare some for home before I took some into the office. He declined. 
I emptied the tin into a container and brought it into work. 
This time, I advertised my treat as “FRODGE!!!! Not-quite-frosting-not-quite-fudge”. 

… and it wasn’t such as large a hit as the FABLET. 

… there were 2 peices left at the end of the day, when the FABLET disappeared in MINUTES. 

It seemed to be that you either loved it or hated it. 


FRODGE – Frosting and melted chocolate chips.