If you’re anything like me then you usually have an overripe avocado knocking about the fridge (yes, fridge.  This is Australia – you CANNOT leave food on the bench) because those bastards ripen the minute you walk out the room!  Because of this, I’m always on the look out for new ways to avos and let’s face it, there are only so many variations of guacamole and face masks you can make.

I’m usually into all things baked and am always looking for something a little healthier, so thanks to the interwebs I found a recipe for Avocado Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies where the avocado is a butter substitute.  It uses things I always have a supply of, so I lined up my ingredients and  said “let’s give it a whorl”.


I’ve got to admit, creaming the avocado and sugar did not look pretty at all.


And I’m sorry, but despite their gooey carameliness, dates just look like chopped cockroaches.


I have to warn you guys, this is a really dense mix.  REALLY dense.  I could stand my spoon up – look:


You really get a workout mixing this.  I considered using the electric mixer but was quite concerned I’d blow the motor.

The recipe is quite specific about 1/4 cup measure, 2 inches apart when baking, but I really couldn’t be bothered being that specific, so I plonked 12 blobs evenly spaced over 2 trays.  They smelled really good baking and I was surprised how they came out – they look a little like the rock cakes my Nan used to make and were surprisingly light.  I really thought the dense batter would produce hard lumps not the slightly crispy outer, lightly soft inner lumps of yumminess that came out of the oven!


Now I find that by themselves they are quite bland – a bit like scones.  So I added some golden syrup and found them more palatable.


The big test was seeing if the Husbeast would like them.  He is not really into trying new things and gawd forbid it be a green thing!  Thankfully these only have the slightest tinge of green and he did scoff 3 in a row and proclaimed “Yeah, they’re all right Babe” so I would say they passed.

They also freeze quite well once cooled in snaplock bags.  I reheated one the next day and it kept it’s fresh baked scone like feel/taste.  Husbeast took some to work.  He let them slowly defrost and said they tasted just as good cold.

Overall I was surprised at how well these turned out.  Sure, it’s not the prettiest of baking and I don’t know if we’d have them for breakfast but they make a great snack with a cup of tea and they will definitely be a freezer/lunchbox staple from now  on.



… in more ways than one.

The kidlet and I had an hour to spare before starting supper – and there was a bag of chocolate chips in the cupboard – SCREAMING at me.

So, I did what any responsible human would do.

I made Krispie Cakes.

… and as I made them, it occurred to me that these beauties MUST be the original 2 ingredient treat.
But they’re not on the list?!?!

HA! They should be.

So simple:
1. Set child the task of adding a cupcake liner to each pocket of the baking tray while you…
2. Melt chocolate in double boiler
3. Add puffed rice or cornflakes to the melted chocolate
4. Spoon into cupcake liners
5. Set them in fridge until after supper.

AWESOME!!! And a taste from my childhood. One of my most favourite treats.

Now, the Kidlet and I were not content with just rice krispies… noonononononononononononono….

… so I suggested Cheerios – she agreed

… she suggested leftover gingerbread house candy – I agreed

… I suggested raisins – she declined

… she suggested mini-marshmallows – I agreed, and called time.

So although our finished product didn’t have 2 ingredients at the end of the process – it DID start with those intentions.


I have also tried making these with a little golden syrup – for a stickier consistency, but they’re not as good. I like the chocolate and krispies/cornflakes.

Pics to follow.

But here are some stock ones to drool over:

Ricekrispie Cake:  







Holy moly this was bad! Much like the EggNog Muffins, it seemed simple right? 2 cups ice cream to 2 cups flour –  Ice cream after all is basically eggs, sugar and milk – the basics for a cake anyway, what could go wrong right?  Oh, how misguided was my optimism.

Having just got through Christmas, we had some ice cream left over that tasted like a jelly tip ice cream – yummy right? – but there was no way we were going to eat it all before it be came all icy and yuck.

It said to leave the ice cream to soften before attempting to mix in the flour, and this being Australia and the middle of summer it didn’t take long.


Looks good so far.

Wrestling it into a lined baking tin was interesting, but it was managed and it looked like a pink brick. “Oh this will be yummy and the girls at work will have a lovely morning tea” thought I.

Oh how deluded was I.  It came out looking like a khaki brick.  It did not rise. “Okay, perhaps it will be more like an ice cream slice.  The recipe doesn’t say to ice it so just try a bit, it looks moist enough” said the Bearded voice of reason.


He was right, it did look ok on the inside – see all those lovely melted chocolate chips?  HE WAS WRONG!! Oh so wrong!  It had less taste than cardboard and the texture was more that of kitty litter. It was horrid.  There was no way I was going to serve this to my co-workers – even if I iced it and only served it to those to peeved me during the day as some kind of sick antireward system! No, no, no!

How can something which tastes so yummy when frozen become so cruddy when cooked?  Perhaps it was the fact that the ice cream was not the gourmet stuff that it came out so bad, but why would you have 2 cups of the good stuff just lying around? That stuff only comes in 2 cup tubs anyway!  I thought this was like an imaginative pantry buster, but I certainly won’t be doing this again.

… Oh, you heard me.


… as per the usual, and the previous entries, we’re working from the 34 two-ingredient recipes.

Seeing as Christmas Eve was heavily upon me, and I had NO COOKIES IN THE HOUSE!!!! (yah, how did THAT happen?!?!?), I thought that it would be peachy-keen of me to suggest that Bean make the Eggnog muffins.


… well.

They *could* taste like dung.

… and they did.

So badly did they taste, that they were unceremoniously binned before any of them could be snapped for the blog. NOT EVEN ON THE SMARTPHONE.

Bean and I carefully measured the required amounts of eggnog and flour, and mixed, and baked. And then Bean and her daddy set-to making the eggnog icing.

The oven beeped, we all looked at the lumps of baked dough and remarked “huh, perhaps they’ll taste of awesome?”. They looked ugly. Like a huge wart, ugly.

We let the “Muffins” cool, and then dribbled on the icing, Hubbie and I took one as a sampler, and shared.

Shared our gag-reflex.

These are NOT good. NOT GOOD. The texture is OK, but the flavour? There is NONE.
The muffins were soft, baked, and a little moist; much like a krueller as the recipe suggested – but there was no flavour, and what was there was oddly metallic and dirty tasting. Imagine if someone made a plain, unflavoured krueller donut, and then left it under the hood of their car and drove for 100 miles, and then ate it.

Being the awesome parents that we are, we made like they were super tasty – and let Bean leave one out for Santa.
Hubbie was even a trooper and ate half of the Santa-Muffin (I got the eggnog and the reindeer carrot)…

… but we will never make these again. Nope. Eggnog be for drinking, yo.

(and we used premium eggnog – not the cheap watery stuff – this was full on creamytasting and awesome ‘nog)

Still following the theme of 2 ingredient recipes, This is a recipe I’ve been wanting to try for a while since the Ying to my Yang likes bread in various forms and loves making his own pizza toppings, but he has aways bought bases or used pita bread. We always have greek yoghurt and self raising flour around so today we experimented.
It came together quite easily to form a sticky dough (a very sticky dough), so I added more flour before kneading – oh make sure you take off your rings BEFORE kneading and also flour your hands a little 😉


So I kneaded and kneaded and was about to form into pizza shape when Ying jumps in with “it looks more like roll dough than pizza, how ’bout we do something like that?”

Under his instruction, I divided the dough into 2, made flatish shapes, added leftover salsa to one before rolling it up and garlic and parmesan to the other before folding it.  On to the baking stone and into the oven with them..

….20 minutes later, they were nicely cooked and quite tasty.


I’m surprised at how well it work, although next time I will mix the salsa/garlic into the mixture rather than just spreading it.  I don’t think we would use it as a pizza dough as it seems a little heavy and more like damper or scone.  I can see the potential in adding flavours – savoury or sweet.  This is a simple recipe and I think that it will be a regular in various forms for my Ying.

My first go at the 34 Insanely Simple Two-Ingredient Recipes was the Macaroon Cookies.http://www.food.com/recipe/2-ingredient-toasted-coconut-macaroon-cookie-creations-399828

The idea of making Macaroon Cookies with 2 ingredients seemed easy, but it proved not to be for me. It wasn’t the 2 ingredients that posed a problem, it was figuring out how to bake them.

I mixed the coconut and sweetened condensed milk in a bowl. I couldn’t find unsweetened coconut in any of the stores by me, so I used the sweetened kind. I don’t think this would cause a probably in baking, but what do I know? I ended up using the whole bag of coconut which was roughly 4 cups. (though the bag said it was 5 ½, I beg to differ)

I made many little mounds of this mixture. Since I had not made them before, I only baked/broiled a few at a time.

First I tried the broiler on HIGH, watching very carefully that nothing caught on fire. After probably about 4 minutes the coconut got pretty browned, but the inside of the macaroon was not cooked fully.

Second I tried with the broiler on LOW. I had them in there for about 6 minutes, but again the inside didn’t seem done enough. I was afraid if I left them in there too long the tops would be burnt and the inside would still not be fully cooked.

I was getting a bit frustrated. What had I done wrong? Instead of throwing the rest of the mix out I tried a different way of baking them.

I preheated the over to 350 degrees and baked for  10-12 minutes. It seemed to work out much better and still had a toasted look and taste to them.

I don’t know if the reason the broiler didn’t work out so well was because I have a small electric oven. I really wish I had gas appliances again.
I think I’ll stick to the other recipe I have for coconut macaroons since they cook up better and I don’t have to worry if the inside is cooked through.


Yes!… I think ugly is the right word.

As a mother of two kids who NEVER stop snacking I am always keeping a look out for recipe’s for snacks that are healthy and quick to make.

So when the previously mentioned article started circulating one of the very first recipe’s that caught my eye was the Banana and Flax Seed crackers, I had to try them.

So this morning with the help of my Sous Chef (aged 4) we set about mashing banana’s and mixing flax seeds together, we used 3 today … Miss 4 went to work mashing the banana’s with the potato masher.


And then we added the Flax.


Here is the thing about flax seeds… If you swallow them whole they are of very little nutritional benefit to you as it passes on through mostly undigested. Flax is amazingly healthy stuff packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and a phytoeostragen called Lignans which does all sorts of amazing things for your health. We don’t want to miss out on all that goodness by eating them whole, especially when it comes in the form of something so dang tasty.

SO… I used ground Flax seed meal to make them.. but I really loved the LOOK of them in the original photo all seedy and delicious looking (the ground Flax did not give it that look) . SO that is when i turned our 2 ingredient recipe into a 3 ingredient recipe and added a handful of Chia seeds.

Chia has even more Omega-3 fatty acids than Flax so added into our mix we have a super food for sure and the bonus is we don’t have the same problem eating Chia seeds whole as we do with Flax.

Once all mixed together, I spooned the mix out onto a lined , greased baking tray and tried my best to make them into pretty round medallions… my results were mixed.

I baked them, and found I had better results when I flipped them over mid cooking time, all up they took about 12-15 minutes to be done… the oven was at 350 degrees.

The texture was more cookie like than cracker like I found, but like I said they tasted amazing and my kids loved them, just be careful the amount you eat… we have to remember all the fiber that flax is bringing to the table 😉

I will definitely make them again, they were ugly (at least mine were…) but boy were they tasty. I feel they would be great in kids lunch boxes, on the run as a snack for myself and I even had the idea that I could bake in a shallow pan and once done crumble it up to sprinkle on granola in the mornings,  the options are endless really.